About The Characters


Frank Rizzo

An extremely abrasive, foul-mouthed blue-collar Italian-American New Yorker with bizarre complaints and requests (voiced by Johnny Brennan). Frank curses repeatedly at a potential employer during an inquiry about a job, and accuses the Mickey Mouse character at Disney World of molesting his children.


An abused Mexican immigrant; often hired as Kissel's personal assistant, which invariably has disastrous consequences. When Kissel hires Pico to repair a broken television, the pair end up getting electrocuted. (voiced by Johnny Brennan)


Sol Rosenberg 

A frail, insecure, male middle-aged to elderly New York Jew who suffers from various, and often comical problems and ailments. Somewhat childish in his demeanor, Sol seeks treatment for problems ranging from genital warts to a fear of his own shadow.(voiced by Johnny Brennan).


Jack  "T-o-r".. .. .. "s"

A flamboyant homosexual man who frequently takes part in bizarre sexual activities and is looking for assistance or supplies related to this. Also a musician, catwalk model, casting director and a dancer (voiced by Johnny Brennan). In a running gag, when asked to spell his surname, the character would reply, "T-o-r"... ... ... "s".